I have gotten to see how a game is made and that has been a huge learning opportunity that could not have been duplicated in a class room.- Shawn Morrison
This was for me a Real World Education, and I am honored to be considered part of Team Plunder! Congrats to all of you on this one year anniversary.- Bret Wright
All in all it was a wonderful experience for me both personally and professionally to have the opportunity to contribute to the Plunder! project- Joseph Leybovich
This game has been a serious learning process for me as a student and as a professional.- Sarah Al-Meshr
As a Full Sail graduate, I was able to get a position at a company in Virginia because they were looking for someone with Unity experience, which I had gained from working in the Plunder! project.-David Griggs
When I started the Game Design program I knew that there was more to do with making video games than just programming, writing and artistic works. I didn’t understand how much effort went into this until watching and helping with Plunder!-Tami Olsen

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It's nearly impossible to include the names of everyone that has helped in building Plunder! However, our organizational chart shares some of the students, faculty, staff, and interns that have assisted or are currently assisting in the design and development of Plunder!

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